Collective kitchens are not only about cooking, but also about saving money and enjoying good home made meals, prepared between friends, twice a week in Sainte-Adèle and once a week in Saint-Sauveur.

The collective kitchens also have learning objectives : learning how to do grocery shopping according to one's needs, with the weekly flyers, learning how to handle food properly (rules of hygiene and food preservation), handling kitchen accessories, and above all, learning how to get organized.

The food for the meals is purchased by the coordinator from the budget. Participants donate $18 each, for their 5 full meals of the week.

Eligibility requirements

Everyone can participate in the collective kitchens!!!

You must absolutely register with the Garde-Manger des Pays-d'En-Haut as places are limited.

Participants must pay $18 the week before, which allows them to do their shopping the day before the kitchen. You can also multiply the number of portions according to the number of people in your family.

Places of access to the services

There are three collective kitchens each week in Sainte-Adèle and Saint-Sauveur.

Saint-Sauveur: Chalet Pauline Vanier, 33, Church Street, Saint-Sauveur J0R 1R1

Sainte-Adèle: Distribution Center, 100 Morin Street, Sainte-Adèle J8B 2P7

To register at the Garde-Manger, please call: 450 227-3757 / 450-229-2011


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