Our Mission

Mission and History

The Garde-Manger des Pays-d'En-Haut provides food and clothing support services to people in need. The territory served covers the MRC des Pays-d'En-Haut. The Garde-Manger promotes a respectful approach to individuals and their situation, while promoting autonomy. In the pursuit of its mandate, the organization believes in the Importance of consultation and action between partners and actors in the field.

Our history

Food and clothing services have existed in the MRC territory for many years. The Garde-manger was created in 1995 through an association between Entraide Bénévole of Pays-d'En-Haut and Partage Amitié. It received officially its registration number and became autonomous only on September, 30th 1998.

At that time, the clothing support component was handled by another organization based in Morin-Heights. Partage-Amitié was created in 1999 from a committee of the parish factory of Saint-Eugène. Over the years, the Garde-Manger des Pays-d'En-Haut and Partage-Amitié realized that their services were complementary. In 2002, they decided to pool their services on an experimental basis, while maintaining two distinct legal structures. The experience was positive: basic services improved and the Guignolée de Noël (Christmas Food Drive) grew tremendously, ensuring food security throughout the year.

In 2005, the merger was completed. Since October 3rd, 2005, the Garde-Manger des Pays-d'En-Haut and Partage-Amitié became a single organization. Under the name Garde-Manger des Pays-d'En-Haut/Partage-Amitié, it is dedicated to food and clothing security throughout the territory.

The Garde-Manger des Pays-d'En-Haut's Christmas Food Drive is certainly the most important event organized by the Garde-Manger.

Every year on the second Saturday of December, we invite you to prepare your donations of food or money because the Garde-Manger's “Guignoleurs” will be well identified to knock on your doors during good or bad weather. With the participation of more than 800 volunteers, the December Food Drive allows us to collect the money needed for Christmas vouchers and non-perishable foodstuffs, which enables us to meet the food needs of families throughout the year.